Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

Mass & Toxic Torts

The increased focus on the environmental and health hazards associated with the production, handling and disposal of asbestos, PCBs and other “hazardous materials” has led to a sharp increase in personal injury and property damage litigation by individuals who alleged that they have been harmed by exposure to hazardous materials and wastes.

Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases in federal and state courts involving exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos, UFFI, TCE and benzene, as well as defended companies and governmental agencies against allegations of injury due to hazardous waste sites. In addition, we have also litigated cases involving lead paint poisoning. Barclay Damon clients have the benefit of a large litigation support team, one comprised of well-trained legal assistants experienced with these types of claims. We also employ nurses whose review of medical records is crucial to exposure cases.

Specific examples of our experience include:

  • Serving as National Trial Counsel for a major manufacturer and defending numerous cases involving alleged exposure to asbestos-containing materials.
  • Served as National Coordinating Counsel for a major domestic keyboard manufacturer involved in repetitive stress injury litigation. 
  • Defended an international airline safety company in connection with the multiple lawsuits filed in New York State and Federal Court arising out of the crash of Colgan Flight 3407 resulting in no payment on the part of our client.
  • Represented numerous defendants in asbestos litigation and served as defense liaison counsel for various matters and jurisdictions.
  • Represented a manufacturer of beryllium in claimed exposure matters.
  • Represented site owners and alleged disposers of material in claimed toxic exposure cases.