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New NYS Drug Take Back Act Signed Into Law

New NYS Drug Take Back Act Signed Into Law

On July 10, 2018, the Drug Take Back Act was signed into law in New York State. This act requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to finance and manage the safe collection and disposal of unused medications, and requires pharmacies with 10 or more US locations to participate as drug collection sites to help ensure convenient access for residents.

Chain and mail-order pharmacies will be required to provide consumers with collection options such as drop boxes and prepaid mail-back envelopes. This will also ensure that rural, urban, and other underserved communities have access to ongoing collection services so that all people have reasonable access to locations to safely dispose of drugs.

The NYS Department of Health is designated to oversee the program, with authority to develop regulations for effective implementation. The law takes effect on January 9, 2019, and program implementation will begin in mid-2019.

New York is the fourth state to require manufacturers to fund and safely manage drug take back, preceded by Massachusetts, Vermont, and Washington.

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