Barclay Damon
Update on the Status of Marcellus Shale }/d1>lettttttttttttt 'leeeeeeeettttttttttttt 'h"row logo_main"> ight topless ss bottomless"></div> ight topless ssleeeeeeee = 'lue = 'l <P>In 2010," /> <tele>Us Shale Dm <b f Sheadeass<diwards" /> futuri dus of Marcee>U /> pdate on the Stagas--> ma/javellu /> low ti e>U /> <te. As discussve b ofw," /> s Shale D <telDepartMarcee>UEsvironMarcal Conserva/jave(“DEC”) musn issue ins fiiri SuppN MENcal Ges=""c EsvironMarcal Imp> tD <teMarce(“SGEIS”) be-> e lirmins cad ee issued Set th of agas-/dilsellu /> pdate on the Sta-> ma/jav. Althoughu /> DEC issued seter"l documta a in 2009<diwards" /is goal," /> pr<cclaslargely came Setentarc in 2010,"with no documta a being issued Shat year. In 2010," /> s Shale D <telLegislv uri sough <di <> tDlegislv javeeo dpt">sing a mordeoriumdth"hydr<!DOc fr> turing until pdy 15, 2011;" /> bill,"ol"eter,"was-vetove bya-> mss=Gctern> <tersav. Inea> <,a-> mss=Gctern> <tersavt tcided Setpr<cced with ad Execu cv> Order Set irto afurvs-c reobil bya /> DEC,eeo dpt">sing d> <lss=s yld requiring pipt"c ht=marceeh" /> GEIS.</Pul<P>Ges="ally,ellus Shale ,earchfos Shat require a lirmin fromu /> DEC musn cc=ply with /> <telEsvironMarcal Qualipy Reobil Acce(“SEQRA”). Such cc=pliylciut cis="my requires" /> filing e>Uin-> ma/javeavesptcifac <vironMarcal imp> ts fromu /> archfo yld,ellusome situa/java, SEQRA requires"ad <vironMarcal imp> tto desMarc,<a tEIS, Setbe cc=pletve byaatpr<jto aspavaor. In cirp <d ineaylcis,"ol"eter," /> DEC has-issued Ges=""c EsvironMarcal Imp> tD <teMarcse(“GEIS”) Shat cour" similarearchfos Shat will have a ges=""c a tit=mavelmp> t. In such ineaylcis,"no furvs-c SEQRA cc=pliylciuis required if" /> pr<posve archfo fins withllu /> sc<li e>U /> appNis=bam GEIS. </Pul<P>In 1992,u /> DEC issued a GEIS--> oil yld gas-drilling in s Shale D <te, fiiding Shat such archfos do"not have a ss oifacarce <vironMarcal imp> t. AppNis=rcse-> a-drilling lirmin Shat sa/jsfya /> terms e>U /> GEIS-cri not required Setun<brgo iidividual <vironMarcal reobil. T/> oil yld gas-drilling GEIS, ol"eter,"has-beevt tclarve bya /> DEC to"not appNy to"hydr<!DOc fr> turing e>U /> pdate on the St,aatpr> tace usve bya th of ers<di xtr> t gas-Shat ges="ally iivoiv>aslarge v es e>Uw<ter yld fr> king fluid. Inea> <,asilciul> ," /> DEC has-beevtllu /> pr<cclase>Udr<fting a GEIS<di sptcifacally cour" hydr<!DOc fr> turing. </Pul<P>In Octobr" l> ," /> DEC issued a pipt"c sc<ling documta , requeo ing pipt"c ht=marcd the "acissues-Shat colule b ightNotCed ih" /> GEIS. T/> requeo rececv>d mor="Clad 3,000 pipt"c ht=marcd. On February 6, 2009," /> DEC issued ins Fiiri Sc<li,"which outlss=de "acissues-So b ightNotCed ih" /> GEIS,elln LLing w<ter withdr<wal,"w<ter qualipy imp> ts, cc=posi/javeaf"hydr<!DOc fr> turing fluids, yld wasteldisposal. T/>reafter,"on SepteMbr" l>, 2009,"after a-demon_af"seter"l mavths," /> DEC releas=de "acdr<ft GEIS. Pipt"c ht=marcd the "acdr<ft GEIS </=detheDeceMbr" 31, 2009. It"was-=rcicipated Shat a fiiri SGEIS wlule b iissued in 2010,"but"no such documta "was-releas=d, yld /> DEC has-not yet pr<vided an-=rcicipated e-wid-> ins issuylci. </Pul<P>Althoughu />r="was-= v id_af"regulv ory archfo in 2010,"in Augusn yld NourMbr" l>10," /> s Shale D <telSeon thyld AtCembly,eNotpto oh oy,eour"whelmingly approted a mordeoriumdth"horizorcal fr> turing drilling lirminsellu /> pdate on the Stauntil pdy 15, 2011. SeelS.B. 08129B. On DeceMbr" 11, 2010,"ol"eter,"-> mss=Gctern> <tersavtvetove /> mordeoriumdShat wlule have tarced all nv ural gas-drilling in s Shale D <te. Inea> <,ah iissued Execu cv> Order No. 41 Shat requires a more cc=prehenscv> reobil bya /> DEC e>U /> pipt"c ht=marcd preobousmy rececv>d the "acDr<ft GEIS in 2009. T/> Execu cv> Order requires" /at “o><a tabout June 1, 2011”u /> DEC musn ript">s a Reobs=deDr<ft GEIS,earcept pipt"c ht=marcd the "acreobsjava, yld mdy schedul> pipt"c hearingd the "acdr<ft. T/> Execu cv> Order furvs-c requires" /> DEC,eprior Set /> cc=pletjaveaf" /> Fiiri SGEIS, Setre /> Set /> Gctern> the "acs <title>U /> Fiiri SGEIS yld “ "acregulv ory !-- paulis" /at cri necclaary toelln LLe in oil yld gas-/dil lirminseSetpr<tto apipt"c health ade /> <vironMarc.”uThua, ylthoughu-> mss=Gctern> <tersavtvetove /> billdShat wlule have created a mordeoriumdth"drilling,ahis Execu cv> Order created a <b f> to mordeoriumdbecausv lirminse-> drilling s=rnot b iissued until /> DEC issues ins fiiri SGEIS. </Pul<P>T/> currta "administrv clatun<br Gctern> Cuomo has-not yet takevtentard lss= the "acdus of Marcee>Ugas-reservesellu /> pdate on the St. Gctern> Cuomo has-pipt"cmy o desd Shat, ylthoughuh="warcd /> conomiccdus of Marceassocidesd with gas-drilling,uh="warcd in dos= safely yld with “all e>U /> f> ts.”uIt ree <ds-So b iseevtwhevs-c Gctern> Cuomo will en-> c> Execu cv> Order 41. Ifuh="dois,"a Fiiri SGEIS is-not likeNy to"b iissued until atDleaste "acs cone half e>U2011. In s-vs-c us np," /> GEIS pr<cclaswill v clinue with /> DEC. On February 8, 2011,u /> archng DEC Cc=missulier,"Jo> pdateva, ylnoulcid-pipt"cmy Shat /> xpto s" /> DEC toelssue ins Reobs=deDr<ft GEISelluJune, 2011. T/> Reobs=deDr<ft GEISewilldShed ee subjto aSetenots-c 30-day ht=marceliriod be-> e a Fiiri SGEIS is-issued. </Pul<P>Weswill v clinue Setpr<vide uce-wis the "acs <title>U /> legislv jve yld regulv ory dus of Marcsellu /> gas-drilling indusnry in s Shale D <te as-Shen_accur. </Pul<P><EM>Ifuyou have any queo ilis"oc require on">assistylciuin reobiling yon">pot"cies a titnduo ing manageMarcetrvining,upleas= v cl> t /> Hiccock &ay-Damon_lawyer withtwhomuyou n> mally wle Da tany at orney in on">EsvironMarcal pr> tace cria. </EM></Pu ee = 'lue = 'l l /t topltttttttttttttttt/ </de <d e}); ltttttttttttttttt/ begin rdiv> < tttttttttttttttttt/ottomless">ion"> <"on/buttttttttttttttttttttt tttt tttt tttttttttt/ tttttt<h4omless">sidebar_d> <ing">Pr> tace Area</h4>/Mmamenu shter-alipr> tacegroups/Es="gy-Pr> tace-Areasn>Es="gycoap</enum/Mmadhratt<h4omless">sidebar_d> <ing">Remoesd Alirps</h4>/Mmamenu shter-alialirp /s S-ale -Releas=s-MeClade-Reduo ope-Plan-05-31-2017">s Shale DReleas=s MeClade Reduo ope Plancoap</enumenu shter-alialirp /s S-ale - <te-DepartMarc-of-Financial-Serport_-Fiiriizt_-Cybr"securipy-Regulv clas-03-06-2017">s Shale D <telDepartMarcee>UFinancial Serport_ Fiiriizt_ Cybr"securipy Regulv claacoap</enumenu shter-alialirp /Cybr"securipy-ice-wi---What-to-Look-for>in-2017-01-26-2017">Cybr"securipy ice-wid- What SetLookd-> in 2017coap</enum/Mmatt tt/t topl ltttttttttttttttt/ </didiv> < tttttttttttt"59" /></a> </div> lue = 'l t/ toplet/v><!-- <fo<ttr!-- end row --> </div> " lue > iBEAMignate ter nav_containeralless h"row logo_main"> igget" aer nav_cont'ascriThisBtns' --'ascript" iv class="'edspanav_cont'at_f> ebook_large'ldispmonText='F> ebook'.compan. dspanav_cont'at_twitttr_large'ldispmonText='Tweet'.compan. dspanav_cont'at_" tye<in_large'ldispmonText='L tye<In'.compan. dspanav_cont'at_ee <l_large'ldispmonText='Ee <l'.compan.t/v><!-<!-- --'socidl_iv c'u shter-a'#ascript" iv class="'ed" > '<a hrSscri_Flv /img'>coap</ topless bt topless bottomless"></div> ight topl"59" /></a> </div> lte ter nav_containeralless h"row logo_mion"> <d class="twelve columns center-aligned" > <a href="/."><img src="-llp/img/Barclay-Damon_logo.pew Y_circle.pn80" alt="nf /1 width="461" height="59" /form> </div> <dright columhide-on-desktopdispmonbilem"row logo_mion">ss="m-two <diralue/Mmalue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-aligneHOMEcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alifirm/nvFIRMth="</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alicaseheeudy-e <d.phpnvCASE STUDIEScoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alipr> tacegroups/nvPRACTICE AREASth="</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alipr<f> /nvPEOPLEcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alioffaces.phpnvOFFICEScoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alinews-alirp /nvNEWS &aEVENTScoap</enulue = </Mmalut/ toplet"row logo_mion">ss="m-two <diralue/Mmalue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alifirm/liccock-bar"/.">in-e <-rc=munity/n or closeegaMENU">COMMUNITYcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alifirm/ottersitytyld>inn Lsope/n or closeegaMENU">DIVERSITY &amNCLUSIONcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alifirm/pro-bono/n or closeegaMENU">PRO BONOcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alifirm/woMENe-forum/n or closeegaMENU">WOMEN’S FORUMth="</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alifirm/ccriers/n or closeegaMENU">CAREERSth="</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!> </enulue = 'menver arrofo<t <!>center-alisitee p/nvSITEMAPth="</enul = </Mmalut/ toplet"row logo_mion">ss="m-two <diralue/Mmallue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alirc=<d.phpnvLOGINcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-aliterms/o desMarc-of-cliarc-rt="nsnvSTATEMENT OF CLIENT RIGHTScoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-alibrc=/nvBLOGcoap</enulue <enver arrofo<t <!>center-aliterms/disclaimers">DISCLAIMERSth="</enul = </Mmalut/ topl/t topl l61" height="="59" /form -->disclaimern or clos class="twelve ulue = <hral columhide-on-desprirc-only!> </ topless 'hp>At orney Ad--> ising / Prior results do"not guaralase a ssmilareoutrc=e.</ppless 'hp>© 2017velopment in N,ew Yorp"461" height="59" /></a> </div> lte /></at/ </d </div> lue/form -->fo<ttrheader> <div id="navalu<ttr!-------ta charns.js"kiddie-- IE Fix f > <!--[if ltjs/jquery-1.7.1.m< IE Fix f > <!--[if ltjs/jquery-ui-1.8.18.custom.m< IE Fix f mon LLP</Jtle> <!-- In <!--[if ltrel="stylesheet" <scrips/jquery.m<d.his"></script> <script ltrel="stylesheet" <scrips/modernizr.dation-2.2/his"></script> <script ltrel="stylesheet" <scrips/dation-2.2/his"></script> <script ltrel="stylesheet" <scrips/datihis"></script> <script f > <!--[if lt/js/jquery.ttylesihis"></script> <script<!-- In <!--[if ltrjs/bootstrvp-tooltitihis"></script> <script <!--[if lt/js/jquery.ui.coreihis"></script> <script <!--[if lt/js/jquery.ui.ircgetihis"></script> <script <!--[if lt/js/jquery.ui.accord2.2/his"></script> <script ltrjs/in> pageihis"></script> <script <dim/button/b(funo ope(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['Gsrc="AiriyttysObjto ']=r;i[r]=i[r]||funo ope(){n/b(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]). col(argumta a)},i[r].l=1*newt ite();a=s.createEN MENc(o),n/bm=s.getEN MENcsByTagNaME(o)[0];a.async=1;a.if lg;m.parta Nttp:insertBe-> e(a,m)n/b})(window,documta ,'m/butt','//wwwt src="tylriyttyssrc="ylriyttyssjs','ga'); lttga('create', 'UA-7975686-3', 'auto'); ttga('s </', 'pageobil'); </e});</<oogle>