Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

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Susan A. Benz Partner ph: 716-858-3812 | email
Linda J. Clark Partner ph: 518-429-4241 | email
David M. Cost Partner ph: 518-429-4286 | email
Emanuela D'Ambrogio Associate ph: 315-425-2887 | email
Eric W. Dyer Associate ph: 518-429-4246 | email
Brad M. Gallagher Counsel ph: 518-429-4262 | email
James S. Grossman Partner ph: 585-295-4416 | email
Robert A. Hussar Partner ph: 518-429-4278 | email
Eugene M. Laks Of Counsel ph: 518-429-4228 | email
Joseph A. Murphy Associate ph: 518-429-4248 | email
Eric C. Naegely Partner ph: 716-858-3871 | email
Gabriel M. Nugent Partner ph: 315-425-2836 | email
Robert J. Portin Partner ph: 716-858-3775 | email
Mary C. Raymond Special Counsel ph: 716-858-3783 | email
Sharyn G. Rogers Special Counsel ph: 716-858-3820 | email
Scott P. Rogoff Partner ph: 585-295-4418 | email
Margaret Surowka Rossi Counsel ph: 518-429-4295 | email
Colm P. Ryan Associate ph: 518-429-4255 | email
Jerry M. Solomon Special Counsel ph: 585-295-4342 | email
Bridget C. Steele Associate ph: 716-858-3704 | email
Robert G. Tengeler Of Counsel ph: 518-429-4289 | email