Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

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Eugene M. Laks Of Counsel ph: 518-429-4228 | email
Susan Schultz Laluk Partner ph: 585-295-4461 | email
John P. Langan Managing Partner ph: 315-425-2754 | email
Matthew J. Larkin Partner ph: 315-425-2805 | email
Robert N. Latella Of Counsel ph: 585-295-4482 | email
Brittany E. Lawrence Associate ph: 585.295.4320 | email
Sang Eun Lee Associate ph: 315-425-2765 | email
Jeffrey J. Leibeck Counsel ph: 716-858-3766 | email
Andrew J. Leja Partner ph: 315-425-2742 | email
William M. Lemon Associate ph: 518-429-4237 | email
Jennifer L. Leonardi Partner ph: 716-858-3789 | email
David B. Liddell Partner ph: 315-425-2757 | email
Robert B. Liddell Partner ph: 315-425-2877 | email
Allen F. Light Associate ph: 518-429-4248 | email
Tarky Lombardi, Jr. Professional ph: 315-413-7271 | email
John P. Lowe, Jr. Partner ph: 585-295-4499 | email
Oksana M. Ludd Partner ph: 518-429-4294 | email
David J. Luzon Partner ph: 716-566-1527 | email
F. Frank Lyman Of Counsel ph: 617-274-2977 | email