Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

International Business

We represent domestic companies doing business overseas as well as foreign companies doing business in the United States. Our clients include major multi-national corporations, foreign-owned local businesses and small businesses looking to expand their market presence. Our attorneys handle a variety of matters, including international contracts, international joint ventures and strategic alliances, organization of foreign entities, arbitration, import/export, customs, immigration, and intellectual property.

In many instances, the nature of the work requires engagement of local counsel. Barclay Damon has numerous relationships established with attorneys in foreign countries who are qualified to assist with such matters. These relationships enable the practice to access a vast network of resources for its clients.

Foreign Distribution & Representative Agreements

When our clients seek to establish business operations in foreign markets, we make sure that the key aspects of their distribution system—from shipment and delivery of goods to order processing, invoicing, warehousing, import and export, wholesale operations, establishment of distribution networks and after-sales service— are properly addressed in the foreign distribution agreements.

Intellectual Property & Technology Licensing & Protection

Our attorneys are experienced in protecting intellectual property around the world and assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property rights throughout the world. We also know when the U.S. has signed an international agreement with respect to intellectual property where rights are granted to citizens of the signing countries and we keep informed of the many multilateral and bilateral agreements signed by the U.S. regarding intellectual property.

International Contracting

We help clients pursue international commerce opportunities by drafting and executing international contracts to help them avoid conflict. While most international disputes are resolved by negotiation, if negotiations are unsuccessful, arbitration by recognized arbitration institutions, such as the American Arbitration Association or the International Chamber of Commerce, may be used. Occasionally international commercial disputes are resolved by litigation in the national courts of one or more of the parties. Regardless of the ultimate procedure, Barclay Damon remains side-by-side with our clients to work towards a successful resolution of the matter.

Joint Ventures

Companies often form joint ventures with domestic partners to collectively pursue international growth opportunities. Foreign joint ventures are subject to the international trade laws and the laws within the foreign countries. Our attorneys have extensive experience in arranging foreign joint ventures on behalf of clients. In addition to drafting contracts and understanding all the relevant domestic and international laws and issues, we help our clients perform critical due diligence with respect to their proposed joint venture partners.  

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