Barclay Damon
Barclay Damon

The Law Applied.

Three simple words. But, for our clients, these three words carry significance.  At Barclay Damon, we're not just attorneys who practice law - we apply the law to find the answers, solve our clients’ challenges and maximize the opportunities for our clients to succeed. When you hire Barclay Damon, you are hiring confidence. The confidence of working with knowledgeable, responsive, experienced and proactive professional attorneys focused on delivering you results.

To us, that’s the law applied.

For Service

We understand our part - we work for you.  As your success goes, so goes the success of our firm.  Our clients receive our full, focused attention and we work as an integral part of the team.  We know that when you need us, your top priorities are our top priorities. We’re on your timeline and we don’t stop until we achieve a successful outcome.  That’s the law applied.

For Value

To deliver for our clients, we assembled our team of 275 attorneys across 33 specialized practice areas in twelve strategically located offices. We seek the extraordinary legal talent and the specialized experience that our clients need to win. Our diverse practice areas deliver the services that each client needs and many of our clients work with us across multiple legal disciplines. Our strategic office locations allow us to connect extraordinary legal talent with the needs of our clients, oftentimes passing along a lower cost structure for the services we provide.

Extraordinary talent, practice area excellence and strategic locations…that is a unique combination that maximizes value for each and every client. It all adds up to a law firm dedicated to understanding and contributing to the success of our clients. That’s the law applied.

For Experience

From multi-national Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and high net worth individuals, we deliver success for a diverse client base. In fact, we’ve become a market leader in numerous industries and practice areas. Commercial litigation, energy, intellectual property, regulatory, torts & insurance,  project development, corporate law, tax and finance are among the many areas we’ve developed a strong client following. Barclay Damon’s diverse client base delivers a significant advantage for all of our clients. Why? Because, in applying the law, experience counts. We’ll make that experience count for you. That’s the law applied.

For Results

We are business ready attorneys, and that means we find innovative ways for our clients to succeed. Our clients want to know what they can do to accomplish their goals, not what they can’t do. They don’t want volumes of case theory or legal philosophy that can lead to decision making paralysis. They want clear answers and sage counsel that drive sound business decisions and significant progress. That’s what we deliver -  every day, for every case and for every client. That’s the law applied.

At Barclay Damon, we’re a firm with a long history of success, a clear focus on the future and, above all, an unwavering commitment to the success of our clients.

Value. Service. Experience. Results. For you. That’s the law applied.