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Barclay Damon


A U.S. citizen and his foreign-born spouse reside in Canada due to the spouse’s complex immigration history and resulting inadmissibility. The immigration attorneys at Barclay Damon were retained to prepare applications for the spouse’s lawful permanent residency (“green card”) so the couple can eventually relocate to the United States. Sadly, while the applications were being prepared, the U.S. citizen’s mother was placed in hospice care for a terminal illness. Because a green card application takes a long time to process without any option to expedite, there was no way to obtain an approval in time.

Our immigration team immediately prepared an application for “humanitarian parole” and negotiated with the local U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to secure temporary permission for the spouse to enter the United States to say goodbye to the dying relative. The border officials were convinced of the compelling reason for the visit. Within 24 hours, we secured the parole and advised the couple they could come to the United States to spend time with family and say goodbye.


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