Nursing Home Chain Executes CIAs with OMIG

The New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (“OMIG”) recently imposed six Corporate Integrity Agreements (“CIAs”) on a chain of nursing homes located in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  This…

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Maine’s Creative Solution to Net Metering

Like many other states, Maine has been wrestling with its policy on net metering, especially for solar generation. Unlike most others, however, Maine stakeholders have come up with a creative…

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Immigration Planning for the College Athlete

A foreign student-athlete at a U.S. university with his or her F-1 student visa should only have to worry about studying, training, competition and enjoying the college life. And for…

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New York’s Appellate Court Rules that Public Health Law § 2801-d Applies Only to Nursing Homes

Public Health Law §2801-d creates a private right of action for residents of “residential health care facilities” thus enabling them to sue for deprivation of a right or benefit created…

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Does Your Business Encourage Employee Engagement?

Engaged employees are more customer/client focused, more likely to remain employed in your business, and can drive your business’s success.  Below are ten tools that you should consider to enhance…

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Major Changes to E-Visa Processing at U.S. Consular Posts in Canada

In yet another attempt to facilitate the E-visa application process for Canadian citizens, the U.S. government announced an important expansion of E visa adjudications to more consular posts across Canada. …

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Proposed Regulation Offers Documentation Relief to Home Care Agencies

The New York State Department of Health has posted for public comment a proposed rule that would extend from 30 days to one year the time for home care agencies…

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Recent HIPAA Enforcement Emphasizes the Necessity of Comprehensive System-Wide Risk Analysis

Health care providers are learning firsthand the dangers of limited HIPAA risk analyses.   For those who fail to heed the warning sounded by the Director of the Office for Civil…

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New Federal Regulations From SAMHSA on Substance Use Disorder Records and The Role Of The HIE

On February 9, 2016, the federal government waded back into the regulatory waters of the privacy of substance use disorder records by issuing proposed regulations. The last substantive update to…

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Pennsylvania’s New Net Metering Cap May Be Vulnerable

On February 11, 2016, the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PPUC) issued a long-awaited final order (Order) in a proceeding to amend its regulations that implement the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio…

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